Although having spent most of her career as a veterinarian, Kat Bazeley is now most commonly known for founding the beloved BlueBarn clothing label. 

She started her journey, like most talented makers, simply by enjoying this invaluable craft as a hobby; making and altering clothes for herself and her family. With an eye for exquisite design and skill with needle and thread, she was able to find old eclectic clothing pieces and up-cycle them to breathe new life. 

Of course, with sustainability being at the heart of her fashion choices, most of these garments were treasures found in charity shops or jumble sales… like all best things are! 

A natural progression of skills, unique eye for detail and her perfectionism for the finished product, has transformed what was once a hobby into a cherished and respected career as a seamstress; giving life to the clothing brand we at Craftmongers adore, BlueBarn. 

Although Kat’s veterinary days are a thing of the past, her nurture and care for animals continues at full speed in her home-life. Her idyllic country farm, nestled in the Dorset countryside, is teeming with animals – including Albert the horse and Florence & Dylan – two dogs you’ll want to follow you home.

Creating garments of a life-long quality with heavy and hardwearing fabrics is the perfect reflection of how Kat has tailored to the needs of a person living and working predominantly outdoors, much as her life entails. 

Kat’s enchanting countryside farmhouse is also where you can find her studio, bursting at the seams with rolls of linen and vintage trunks… and what a beautiful combination that is. 

Maintaining a lifestyle that is gentle and harmonious with the natural world around us is a meaningful part of Kat’s everyday routine, and BlueBarn is a great reflection of these ethics. When the fabric she works with is not vintage or upcycled, it has been sourced from sustainable fabric houses in the UK or Ireland, such as Irish linens from Ballymena or tweeds from the island of Harris.

Kat’s main mission at Bluebarn is to give people a garment that they will love and cherish for a lifetime. The timeless designs of her clothing do not adhere to the seasonal fashion trends you see sweeping in and out of high street stores – adding to the ever-growing global issue of fast fashion – but instead, encompass an undying aesthetic that will outlive them all.

The perpetual style and unmatched quality of Bluebarn clothing will earn itself a permanent place in your wardrobe; a fashionable heirloom to be passed down to younger generations.