I visited this tiny community on the south west coast of Madagascar in 2019. The Vezo people are subsistence fishermen.

I filmed with them for a week. Among the most generous, kind, giving people I have ever visited.

Their school hut had blown down the previous year and the teacher left. The children were so gentle and eager to learn. The cost of a new school house and teachers house was so little , that I felt we had to try and help.

In our first push we amazingly raised enough money for the first school building, which we have built.

In our Second push we raised enough to be building our second and third classrooms, with three teachers and over 200 children attending. We have just received an update to say the large second classroom building has been built and we have been sent pictures and a short video of the progress that can be seen below.

It is incredible what we have all been able to achieve. There is so much to still do and support.

Think of a school of 200 children and what it needs . Its only there because of us. So we must keep going. We need to buy and make desks and stools, book’s and supplies , learning aids, teaching aids, even some footballs .

We would also love the opportunity to send our amazing teachers for more training.

Lets keep going everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


January 2022 - Our most recent update

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