Cliff’s Ceramic Bowls And Plates


Hand crafted small ceramic bowls and plates by Devon based ceramicist Cliff Ellis.

Small Ceramic Bowl approx 13 cm wide and 5 cm deep. Small Ceramic Plate approx 19 cm wide and 2 cm deep. Sold individually.

‘Cliff loves to create items that are simultaneously beautiful and practical; he is always findings ways to improve their shapes and experimenting with glazes. To continue this exploration he has recently bought a gas kiln that allows him to produce a new range of colours and glaze effects… which is exciting for us all. The construction of a new soda kiln is also underway, meaning more exploring and learning in the future.

“My Dad always said that you have to keep learning something new and keep looking forward which seems a pretty good philosophy to me.”

With pressure for the world to develop more sustainable habits and the need to treasure items, not replace them, people are re-discovering their appreciation for beautifully hand-made products. Cliff has noticed this shift in relation to an increased interest in studio pottery, leading to a rise in local selling platforms (such as ourselves), which he says helps to ease the selling process for makers.

Whilst making his stunning ceramics, often in large quantities, he says he finds great beauty in seeing them all lined up as the same creation, yet showing their own unique quirks and subtle variations – as hand-made products often do.’

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