Handwoven organic cotton, hemp, nettle and linen fabrics


These are stunning, natural, and un-dyed fabrics from our friends at Sorazora.Most of these are all hand spun, hand woven and organically produced.

All sold by the metre.

Please suggest your desired metre length within the product quantity.

Himalayan Hemp Mesh Fabric

  • 100% Himalayan hemp

  • Hand spun & hand woven in Nepal

  • Approximately 30 inches wide

Himalayan Hemp Linen Fabric

  • Himalayan hand spun hemp fabric handwoven with linen

  • Approximately 30 inches wide

Himalayan Nettle Organic Cotton Fabric

  • 50% Handwoven nettle & 50% Organic cotton

  • Approximately 25.5 inches wide

Himalayan Nettle Fabric

  • Hand spun, hand woven and organic nettle fabric

  • Approximately 26 inches wide

Hemp & Organic Cotton Muslin

  • Woven from a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton

  • Approximately 15 inches wide


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