The Husbandry School's Herbal Teas


Our divine teas are all harvested and prepared locally at The Husbandry School. Naturally calming, soothing and reviving. ( Sold in 20g re-sealable packets). Handpicked, Home Brewed. Rainbow Reviver: This bright herbal mix combines the energising properties of lemon verbena & mint, the grounding calm of nettle, antioxidant packed calendula and vibrant cornflower for the ultimate cuppa to start your day off right. Serenity Mix: This deeply soothing fusion wild chamomile, and earthy nettle, combined with heart-warming Rose and comforting Lavender, will set you on your way to some seriously sweet dreams. Meadow Tapestry: This green tea classic, paired with fragrant jasmine flower and stomach settling cornflower leaves you feeling refreshed, energised, and ready for anything.


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