OffOn Diesel Dress


We adore our new clothing range from Simona and Paulius, founders of OffOn Clothing. A family run business that believe in sustainability and supporting local tailors using traditional skills in their home Country of Lithuania. All garments are produced in their studio in Vilnius. We are a family of four, also we are the founders of OffOn clothing brand. OffOn was created in 2012, since then we produce hand-made or as we like to say – heart-made clothes for women and girls. Our company is unique because of it’s customised approach – we do not produce seasonal collections but rather we specialise on individual orders. Every piece for each client is created with dedication and sensitivity, from the very beginning.


Bust: fits bust around 34”-36”/ 88-92 cm
Waist: fits waist around 26”-28”/ 68-72 cm
Hips: fits hips around 35”-37”/ 90-94 cm

Bust: +/- 18.7″/ 47,5 cm
Waist: +/- 17.7″/ 45 cm
Sleeve length: +/- 22.8″/ 58 cm
Back length: +/- 43.5″/ 110,5 cm


Bust: fits bust around 36”-38”/ 92-96 cm
Waist: fits waist around 28”-30”/ 72-76 cm
Hips: fits hips around 37”-38”/ 94-98 cm

Bust: +/- 19.8″/ 50,5 cm
Waist: +/- 18.9″/ 48 cm
Sleeve length: +/- 23″/ 58,5 cm
Back length: +/- 43.7″/ 111 cm

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