Our May Collection


With summer on the horizon, our current literary favourites centre around the amazing and wondrous plants that are growing all around us. If you want to connect to nature, support insects, destress, heal and learn how to turn wild foods into delicious seasonal meals, regardless of whether you live in a city or the countryside, check out our May favourites!

The Botanical City

Inspired by botanist William Curtis’s 18th century illustrations of London’s flora and fauna, the Botanical City offers readers an insight into the breadth of plant life that can be found in London and other cities located in the Northern hemisphere. Breathtaking botanical drawings are accompanied by a comprehensive guide to the resilient plants that miraculously grow in places where you perhaps would least expect them.

Wild and Sweet

Award-winning Cornwall based author Rachel Lambert shows us how to transform 22 wild foods, like dandelion and elderberries, into 101 delicious seasonal desserts, drinks, jams and more. Accompanied by  Elliot White’s beautiful photographs, this recipe book introduces readers to the manifold ways in which easily accessible edible plants – some of which are considered as invasive species – can be turned into delicious treats for everyone to enjoy.

Plant Trees, Sow Seeds, Save the Bees

Whilst a lack of species diversity and other unsustainable agricultural practices like the widespread use of pesticides gravely endanger insects, the survival of wasps, bees and hoverflies is key to the health of both our planet and us humans. This book offers a comprehensive guide to how everyone can help to support insect populations. Learn what to plant in your garden, how to set up a bee hotel, and even how to distinguish between different species – all in service of helping our buzzing friends!

The Urban Forager

Written by Wross Lawrence, the Urban Forager is a pocket sized handbook for city dwellers who want to connect to the nature they are surrounded by. As foraging in Lawrence’s words, ‘provides a brilliant escape from the stress and humdrum of city living’, this book is perfect for those who want to bring slowness into their life, learn how to identify wild foods and turn them into healthy and delicious meals.

Bloom & Thrive: Essential Healing Herbs and Flowers

Written by forager and herbalist Brigit Anna Mcneill, this book introduces readers to the healing properties of easily found flowers and plants, teaching us simple and effective aids in support of immunity, sleep, energy and much more.

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