Scrimstone – Tom Hirons


The latest book by Tom Hirons

“LISTEN TO ME. I wasn’t born for birthday parties and clean handkerchiefs or scented candles in the bath. I didn’t come here for your mother’s approval at the dinner table, for string quartets on the lawn or a pat on the back and a cigar from your dear old dad.

No. I was born for blood and feathers on the roadside, for sea shanties that end in knife-fights and the smell of kerosene, a woman’s hot breath by the harbour walls at dawn. I was made for bear claws on wet bark, for dustbin-fires in the wasteland where desperate men in greasy overcoats swig vodka in the sparse snow and a cold so tight and empty you can barely see a flame in it.”

So begins SCRIMSTONE, the tale of a pickpocket, murderer, circus ringmaster and priest from Tom Hirons, author of Sometimes a Wild God and Nettle-Eater.

– Hedgespoken Press


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