“A truly magical shop… filled from floor to ceiling with a myriad of artisan goods and everyday treasures.”

– Maverick, The Guide To Devon


Craftmongers shop and the team in Ashburton, Devon

If you are new here let me Introduce us. We are based in the Devon town of Ashburton on the flanks of Dartmoor and within distant sight of the sea.

We support nearly fifty local and international makers and artists.

My name is Toby Strong, I’ve spent the last 25 years travelling the world as a wildlife and documentary cameraman.

As I traveled I met many extra ordinary makers and Crafts people. From potters in Niger to basket weavers in Papua New Guinea to a scientist in Antarctica who made exquisite cloth whales and penguins from clothing scraps.

The idea of a shop to gather all this magic was always bubbling away.

And the opportunity finally presented itself in Devon.
It is the perfect place. surrounded by such talent and skill and integrity…

To read more about us..

Allow yourself to be inspired and acquire a new skill at one of our upcoming workshops, hosted by us on a beautiful hill top of Dartmoor.

The ongoing school build in Madagascar that so many of you lovely people in our community helped to fund.

Read and learn about Kat Bazeley, the talented seamstress behind BlueBarn.life, in the first instalment of our ‘Makers Directory’.

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